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August 15, 2013
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C-A : Dio Kreutzer by syndromechan C-A : Dio Kreutzer by syndromechan
an OC for :iconcolossus-atrox:
gonna give it a try, so exciting~ :iconlazydanceplz:
i hope he'll be accepted and i'm sorry for my broken English :iconmingtearsplz:
Task 1

"When life is tough, be tougher"

General Information
Name : Dio Kreutzer
Squad: Scouting Legion [Stationary Guard? 8'D]
Gender: Male
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Age: 18 years old

Teamwork: 6
Strategy: 2
Defense: 2
Agility: 7
Combat: 8

Dio is an energetic young man. Friendly, simple-minded and optimistic. He's loud and cheerful, but on the other side, he's dense, quite stubborn, reckless and hot blooded, the type that will use his muscles over his brain or you may call it action first think later.
He also an honest one, if he sees someone doing something wrong or by his disliking, he will tell them forwardly.
He holds what he feels right and won't let it go until someone proved it wrong. He values his friends very much that he will protect them even if it cost his own life.
The one thing he scared of is ghost, he scared of something that he can't see, feel or touch. But he's trying to beat out his fear though. He liked to eat a lot too, maybe it's because he raised in a village that began suffering of food shortages, he appreciated food very much. Since he's not good at studying, strategies and stuff, he'll follow the ones he thinks right, he thought that people who could make good strategies and understand difficult theories is amazing. He also respects people who respect and value other people. His perspective of human relationships is really simple, if someone's nice to him, he'll be nicer, but if someone's do anything bad to him, he'll do worse.

Past Story
Raised in Dauper, scarcely populated village of hunters located in a mountain forest in the southern area of Wall Rose, he has good reflex and quite good at hunting and rough works. He has a father and an older sister. Dio's father is a member of Scouting Legion squad and his mother is a huntress. His mother passed away when he was really small, she attacked by some animals when she was gathering woods in the forest. Being the only woman in the house, his older sister really took care of Dio. She teached him how to cook, do laundry and home works stuff. His father told Dio if he died or gone, he has to be a strong man, he must protect his sister no matter what, that's why he learned everything about hunting, self-defense, combats and many other from his father.

He was 8 back then. When his father has to leave for work, he called Dio and asked Dio to promised something.
"Hey kid, let's make a promise."
"What is it, old man?"
"I want you to be a man that will protect what he values and enjoying everything he can do while he alive..."

Dio stunned for a moment and then promised him and bid a farewell. Three days later, someone from the military came to Dauper, he informed Dio and his sister that their father passed away in the journey. The military messenger said that their father has a tiny house with a little farm in Shiganshina and as a final wish, their father asked him to send his children there because he worried that their children won't survive for times if they lived in Dauper. Then, they moved to Shiganshina.

They lived in Shiganshina quite happily until the titans came.
When they tried to run, his sister fell because bumped into some people and separated from Dio. In those sea of humans, Dio tried to find his sister but he saw something terrible. His sister grabbed by one abnormal titan, it crushed her head and ate her eyes before it devoured her body completely. Shock, sadness and anger enveloped him, shame came as well because he can't protect his sister as he promised to his father. This whole event formented him to sign up to the military. Second chance. He'll try to protect people and won't let them experienced what happened to his sister.

- What happened to his sister made him want to protect people from those titans.
- Fulfill his promise with his father to enjoying life, what he can do and what he wants.

- His friends
- Eat
- Festivals
- Kids
- Animals
- High places
- Eyes (?)

- People who talk or doing something bad to his friends
- Spoiled brats
- People who disrespect other people

- Always amazed by smart and intelligent people, not smartasses though (haha)
- Good with kids and nature
- Quiet good at hunting
- Laugh easily
- Bluntly say to the person if he loves their eyes (eyes fetish?)
- Willing to slay titans by their eyes first
- Really curious of the sea
- He scared of ghosts and stuff (buahahaha)

Task 2


Half running, half thinking and a bit of laughing escapes his mouth. Remembering something.

So, today there was a couple of brats that made fun of him for being clumsy and fell right on his face at hand to hand training this noon. Well, it's because he saw someone's eyes so beautiful that he spaced out and fell after his partner sliding kicked him. His partner surprised and trying to help Dio to get up before some idiots came and making fun of him right on his face. When Dio tried to get up and punch brutally, he saw someone shadowed him and punch them bluntly. Dio doesn't even remember what happened next, the only thing he remembers, that the guy who represented him for punching those brats got punishment.

So, good people still exist, eh?

There he goes, to that guy. Hoping he won't be mad and accept his thanks. Bah, Dio will still punch those brats later.

"Ah, there he is..."

Task 3A :
Task 3B :
What is roleplaying :iconlazycryplz:
Shingeki no Kyojin © Hajime Isayama
Application © :iconrae-nerdy:
Dio Kreutzer © :iconsyndromechan:
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Nat was walking, threading her fingers in front of her as she moved forward. She was feeling a little bored. The friends she had made so far were busy and they were on break from training for the time being. There had to be someone around for her to talk to....someone for her to flirt with... She headed toward the mess hall, hoping that someone would be free to talk to over there. 

It didn't take long for her to find a boy she found interesting. He was a tall thing, his auburn hair short and wild. It wasn't until she got closer to him that she realized what beautiful green eyes he had. They were illuminated like the grassy hills on a midsummer's day, like the ones near her home. It left a hollow longing in her heart and a determination to talk with him. She cirlcled around him, her big golden eyes looking expectantly up at him. "Hello there~" She jumped back as if she were surprised to see him. "Oh! You have the most wonderful eyes~ Green is one of my favorite colors." She giggled musically. "The name's Natalia. But you can call me Nat~ What's yours?"
syndromechan Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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